Integrate NAVA into existing systems so that you can work with the task data and the data of the measurement in upstream and downstream systems.



In a environment of many different solutions and systems, NAVA offers the possibility to integrate easily into your existing processes. The open API allows pairing with upstream and downstream systems and data exchange without manual transmission. Orders can be transferred from another system to NAVA or measurements can be displayed instantly in the GIS. This makes the process even simpler and faster.



Using the NAVA API, other systems that are related to the process can easily communicate with the NAVA backend. The NAVA backend provides the database for the NAVA Manager and the NAVA app. Data can be exchanged through an authorized request and an authorized response via a common web interface system. The option to use the NAVA API is in the EXTENDED service package.



By directly allocating map sections from NAVA jobs in the GIS, the interface supports an integrated and end-to-end process in work preparation. In this way, Smallworld GIS and NAVA Manager combine as one. In addition to the work preparation, a construction site register is directly available in the Smallworld GIS and the relevant data are already documented in accordance with the industry standards such as GW 130/S 130.

In the Smallworld GIS, an interim documentation with the NAVA sketch is carried out fully automatically after the measurement has been carried out. While the trench is still open, the grid connection with all dimensions is already available in the GIS map. In addition, all information from the mobile NAVA data capture can be transferred completely to the Smallworld GIS from a task list. All measurement results are stored as 3D coordinates in their original format, even if they are subsequently edited in the GIS. NAVA and the Smallworld GIS thus become a sketch archive.

The NAVA interface offers the user various options to easily incorporate the captured data into the GIS inventory and significantly speeds up the complete network documentation in Smallworld. It is always transparent at which process step the network documentation is currently carried out. You are therefore ideally equipped for quality assurance in network documentation!

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